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The Mead of Inspiration

Posted by Andrew Griffiths on Tuesday, October 29, 2013, In : Etiological Myths 

Slaying Kvasir (1920) by Franz Stassen (Source -

Kvasir was the wisest man that had ever lived and was born from the spit of the gods. He travelled the world giving sound advice to all who asked it of him, never being asked a question that he could not answer.

Fjalar and Galar – The Murderous Dwarves

While on his travels, he met two mischievous dwarves, Fjalar and Galar, who invited him into their home where they brutally murdered him. The dwarfs wanted Kvasir’s wisd...
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The Gods at War – The Aesir vs. the Vanir

Posted by Andrew Griffiths on Wednesday, October 2, 2013, In : Norse Prestige Myths 

Gullveig (1895) by Lorenz Frølich (Source – Wikipedia)

Gullveig was a member of the earth gods, the Vanir of Vanaheim, who travelled to visit the deities of the sky, the Aesir. She was an expert in the art of seidr, a type of magic that gave her the skill to alter the course of destiny which initially made her very popular amongst the Aesir, many of whom sought her services.

Their desire to use here magic engulfed them, soon making them push aside their usual values such as honour, loyalty ...
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Norse Creation Myth – The Creation of the Universe

Posted by Andrew Griffiths on Wednesday, August 7, 2013, In : Norse Creation Myths 

The Giant with the Flaming Sword (1909), a depiction of Surtr by
John Charles Dollman. (Source Wikipedia)

According to Norse creation myth, in the beginning there was only the void named Ginnungagap until that is, the appearance of Muspell. Muspell was a place so hot that only those native to the land could endure it and was guarded by Surtr, the giant who awaits end times when he will use his flaming sword to annihilate all the gods and set the whole world on fire.

At the other end of Ginnu...
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Mythology Quote

"A culture without mythology is not really a civilisation."

~ Vilayanur S. Ramachandran ~


Mythology Quote

"Mythology can be defined as the sacred history of humankind. This is different from what we call "history." Mythical stories, when you trace them back to their origin, often have a sacredness, a holy quality that comes from the bedrock of lore from which they emerged."

~ Gerald Hausman ~


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